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Lineage Mapper is a mapping and application design company helping people build engaging and meaningful legacies. We build custom cartographic artworks and interactive mapping applications to tell your stories and preserve heritage for generations to come.



Unlock your family's data potential

Transform static family history data and records into interactive mapping and story telling experiences.


We provide on site, virtual, and seminar training for anyone interested in learning how to make family history map art or build a Lineage Mapper™ application.  Our goal is to have a ton of fun helping people build meaningful family legacies. Events coming soon

Land Records Research

Many people want land records attached to their family history file.  We love digging through local county records, archives, and digital databases to find these valuable additions to your family history research.

Map retrieval and georeferencing

Your research benefits from geographic context found only in maps. We'll help you locate those maps and georeference them into your family history mapping application, giving you a valuable new story telling tool. 

Spatial Ancestry

 Information management and engaging data visualizations in one place. Our line of spatial applications let you manage any type of family history content you can think of. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

Cartographic History

Commissioned map artworks or spatial web applications are fun ways to engage citizens and relay your community's unique history to your citizenry. Have an interesting story to tell? Here's your chance to  share it! 

Cartography on Commission

Creative art inspired by historical maps and your own ancestral heritage. 

 Imaginative, original & beautiful.

What we do

We believe that every family and every community has a story worth sharing.

 Our products pull inspiration from your curated themes and are crafted with attention to detail.

Work with us to design your perfect family or community history experience.


We'd love to hear from you!

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