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We are a genealogical data visualization company specializing in building interactive ancestral mapping platforms. We show people how to engage, learn, and manage their genealogical data with geographic information systems. Commonly referred to as GIS, these platforms are made to utilize, analyze, manage and store location-based data. Genealogy is all location based, so bringing your genealogical data into a GIS is a natural solution, and the way of the future. We can build your spatial family tree, help you find records, reconstruct ancestral neighborhoods, solve historical mysteries, and see the patterns in your family's ancestry revealed through geneagraphic data mapping. We offer a variety of services to meet your modern family's ancestral mapping needs. Lineage Mapper was created with everyone in mind. We are dedicated to providing families with affordable mapping solutions. All projects, big and small are welcome here.  Your family history meets our modern technique. Leave a Legacy!


Our mission:


At Lineage Mapper we're bringing together the independent systems that are genealogy and geographic information science to usher in a new era for family heritage. We're creating spatial genealogical platforms for people that are fun to use, flexible, dynamic and interactive.  We believe in bridging the gap between generations of families and bringing them together over the one thing they all have in common - each other! 

Like everything in this world, things change and evolve. Genealogy certainly did. Moving paper records into searchable online databases was a sea change for genealogy because it meant that suddenly, instant access to records was granted. It used to take years of painstaking research, time and money. Traveling to research records took dedication and resources.

Geography also underwent a sea change. Putting spatial data into a computer system with organized attribute databases and coordinate reference allowed for the kind of spatial mapping and analysis that introduced an entirely new frontier for geography. (Thank you Roger Tomlinson).

Maps are powerful communicators. They tell stories, they display dynamic information, and they can help you understand and find patterns in your genealogy that you might not otherwise have noticed. People have a strong connection to place, and the role of maps and cartography goes a long way in facilitating that. Lineage Mapper brings genealogical records into interactive spatial frameworks that communicate your family's ancestry in a way that invigorates the desire to know and to understand your relatives through space and time. Through their time.

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How we do it:

How it benefits you:

   We create spatial data out of the information in your family tree. Everything happens somewhere - vital records, census records, military and immigration records. All of this information is brought to life on spatial data platforms and made to interact with, gain insight and understanding from, and make you feel a more profound connection that looking through your family tree's static data alone could.  

  We reconstruct neighborhoods with census records, enumeration district and ward maps, plat book maps and land ownership records. We bring in all varieties of maps and turn them into searchable, clickable, organized & interactive spatial data. 

  We then create a relational family database, throw in some incredible filtering options and user editing capabilities, which give our customers a truly submersive and involved experience, and the finished product is something you can have forever. Think of it as a permanent archival solution for you and your family's ancestral records.

We have a menu of data to start you off with, and suggestions for what else you can bring in based on the information in your family tree or what you'd like applied to your custom package. 

In summary

These platforms take the work out of and are the fastest way to understanding the interweaving of your families' migration and settlement patterns through time. They're powerful tools for genealogists and family history enthusiasts because they serve many purposes. Whether you want to tell the story of your family history through an interactive spatial web mapping solution, or have a safe space to store all of your family's information, or use it as a research tool for a specific family line or point in time, Lineage Mapper's products are what you need to facilitate these efforts. We offer flexible pricing structures for all projects, big and small. 



We invite you to reach out to us and have a conversation about your spatial ancestry.  There's a lot of ways to get your project off the ground. Let us help you decide what services and/or mapping application packages are right for you. Your family history. Our modern technique. Leave a Legacy!

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Our comprehensive spatial ancestry platforms give our users the ability to visualize their ancestral data, sort and filter through different family lines, turn geographic layers on or off, select specific geographic units like census enumeration districts or the tracts of land their ancestors owned or lived on and retrieve information in pop up windows. You can analyze family history through the lens of location, and through the perspective of your forbears' time and place. Work with the data & create maps of your own. Rearrange the layers to visualize exactly what you want.  

  • You can overlay beautiful historic maps and atlases from their time, and visualize ancillary demographic information linked to their geographies. Point, click, observe, and learn. Share your platform with your family. 

  • You can create a permanent archival solution for all of your family's ancestral records and information passed down. It's so important to pass down lineage. And the XYZ generations prefer to consume information in an interactive way. Bridge the gap folks!

  • If you have an historical mystery in your family that you haven't been able to solve, try looking at it through the lens of location, on a mapping application built to focus on that specific area of research. So often, we encounter road blocks in our research. It may seem that there are pieces of the puzzle missing, or are just out of reach. But when you bring all of the information together on an interactive map, you realize you had the piece, you just didn't see it! 

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Archiving solutions

Have a lot of family records and photos you need to archive? Those records can and should be brought into your application for posterity. Our platforms serve many purposes and having a digital archive solution is foremost among them.